Music Theory Links - A very easy site to use. Excellent exercises in note, key signature, interval and triad identification as well as scale, interval, and triad ear training. - A wide range of theory and ear training exercises for practice. Includes seventh chords, chord progressions, and rhythm exercises. - Has some good exercises: paced note names, C clef note names, and rhythm performance and dictation (4/4 only). - An interactive site with drills to memorize the circle of fifths and key signatures. Only goes up to 6 sharps and flats.
Theory and Ear Training Drill Sites
Music Theory Reference
Sight Singing Practice
Definitions - From the Southern Methodist University theory website.
Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary - A comprehensive set of definitions.
Bach Keyboard Ornamentation (Piano Society) - Shows how to execute ornaments in Baroque music.
Music Writing Software Download - The Finale notation software website. Download Finale Notepad for free! - a free web-based notation program. Access your files from any computer.
Duke Ellington School of the Arts Website
 Advanced Placement Program Information
The College Board Advanced Placement Site - General information about AP courses and exams.
The College Board AP Music Theory Page - Specific information about the AP Music Theory program. You can download the course description here for complete course and exam information. - Download a free sight singing book with 400 melodies organized by level of difficulty. - The official website of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Find out about programs and events.